Basement Water Extraction,Cleanup and restoration requires immediate professional action as standing water creates secondary damages quickly, with expenses to your property and possibly even health issues.

Water damage restoration is not a project home and business owners should try to tackle alone. 

The necessary repairs and documentation need to be properly managed by certified technicians. Hiring professionally skilled and knowledge professionals to clean up water damage properly can be the difference between a couple hundred dollars in damages to clean and dry the area; upwards of thousands of dollars, if not dried and cleaned correctly and promptly.

What kind of certification should home and business owners trust?

Hiring a Master Certified IICRC Company ensures your home or business will be dried correctly, without the fear of hidden moisture that is trapped behind walls, under floors and above in your ceilings, and duct work.  Certified technicians have the professional tools necessary to give you the confidence your home or business is safe from the secondary damages of mold growth or water damage.

Do your homework, be sure when choosing a “Master Certified” IICRC certified company that they are in fact; “Master Certified”. You’re paying for a guaranteed performance with the highest level of quality and knowledge in the industry, make sure that’s what you’re receiving.

Today’s home and business owners can be paralyzed by water damage and are keenly aware of the potential secondary toxic mold and health issues created by do- it-yourself and amateur water damage restoration companies using environmentally unsound clean-up methods.

The majority of water damage restoration companies and do-it-yourself use toxic, unsafe, and ineffective measures to clean flooded basements and overall residuals of water damage. Over the counter chemicals such as ammonia and bleach are commonly the chemical of choice. These chemicals are not only dangerous to people living in the environment but ineffective.  Consider the risks to people and the environment, leave it to a certified professional.

Environmentally safe water damage clean-up alternatives are in demand more than ever.  When choosing a Master Certified IICRC water damage restoration company choose one that is also environmentally friendly.  Using healthy and environmentally sustainable approaches such as low-amp drying equipment, environmentally friending cleaning products and state of the art instruments designed to detect moisture hidden throughout a flooded space. Eco-friendly restoration is a viable and wise option.